hey!! here'z a list of 100 factz abt me >XD!!! this used 2 b a bigger thing on personal sitez and i dig it tbh

  1. my name iz riley!!!
  2. i'm PLURal!!!!
  3. i actually dont type like thiz on purpose, i'm just rlly bad at typing & spelling n itz way easier 2 use phonetic wordz + letterz--typing without chatspeak takez at least twice as long
  4. this is probz bc i have autism but might just be bc im weird XD
  5. i hate having my armz all the way expozed--it suckz for sensory issuez.
  6. im alwayz wearing a sweater and/or kandi cuffz bc of this
  7. i have a rlly unique voice!! people often recognize it even when they've only talked w/ me over text b4
  8. i love monster energy, but carbonation messes w my stomach
  9. i usually drink rehab monster instead of classic!
  10. im usually understimulated and super sensory seeking
  11. my favorite stimz are gifz, bright colorz, and loud, obnoxious music like hyperpop
  12. my birthday iz halloween!!!
  13. hot pink iz my favorite color
  14. i'm against gay marriage
  15. ... but that'z becuz i'm against the institution of legal marriage bc of how it oppresses many queer, disabled, + gynqeskue folkz
  16. believe it or not i'm actually super hot
  17. tom cardy iz probz the artist who appearz da most on my playlist
  18. i have prescription weed bc im just that kool B)
  19. i'd fight g0d if that coward would come down here and show his face
  20. i rlly love space invaderz
  21. i rlly suck at space invaderz
  22. i lost my penis in the war
  23. my favorite pokemon iz porygon
  24. my 2nd fav pokemon iz porygon 2
  25. 3rd fav iz porygon Z
  26. i have a brother + he'z p pog
  27. my favorite music genrez r hyperpop, nightcore, EDM, & misc comedy stuff like tom cardy + bo burnham
  28. i have 3-4 tattooz [depends how u count it]
  29. nice.