google doc version here for easy reading

or at least what i think it should be. i think technically this is my queer manifesto (+ also meant 2 refer 2 LGBTQIA+/MOGAI/whatever the fuck) but whatevr lol

  1. DE-NORMALIZE calling ppl gay, LGBTQIA+, or MOGAI instead of queer. it'z not actually better, ur just white and/or 14. the term "LGBT+" is heavily associated with the gay marriage movement (see point 3) and specifically white, middle class queers. LGBT+ spaces have for decades been extremely racist & exclusive, and also, not everyone likes the acronym hierarchy. "gay" isn't less of a slur than "queer," and at least "queer" lacks a potential 2 misgender poeple. the MOGAI community is badly named--which the coiner said themself--and is extremely shitty to transfems, POC, and intersex ppl. i'm not saying u should call everyone queer, but stop acting like the alternatives are better just because theyre better for WHITE GAYZ.
  2. stop trying to justify xenogenderz and neopronounz!!! they are stupid and silly and thatz the fucking point!! if you experience your xenogender as a super serious part of you thats fine, whatever, i literally dont care, but that’s not the core of what they are!! your gender CAN just be a thing you like or an aesthetic!!!! also fuck “autigender doesn’t mean your gender is autism” because why the fuck not??? are we REALLY going to impose allistic-friendly meanings on the AUTISM GENDER?
  3. stop caring about gay marriage. like literally it doesnt matter. care more about making monogamous, legal marriage not a NEED to live securely. care more about making legal marriage not a thing tbh itz dumb. plus gay marriage doesnt mean shit 4 PoC, disabled ppl, and poly people.
  4. make flags public symbols with dead authorz again!!!!!! literally just focus on flag meaningz. stop making new lesbian flags. stop fixating on flagz being pretty. also stop shitting on the og poly flag like yeah itz ugly but it’s not offensive just bc it’s not super pretty, srsly. if the flag is serious, it needz to be RECOGNIZABLE, ESTABLISHED, and NOT ROOTED IN SHIPCOURSE. the emily gwen les flag isnt going anywhere and neither is the three color pan flag ur just weird and too online (which is coming from ME)