basically it'z cool 4 teenagerz, but if this was a movie and you're 16 or under, you'd have to go w/ ur mom.

this is becuz:

  1. i am physically incapable of not making dick jokez 4 more than 30 secondz.
  2. also there might b like. crude dick drawingz. bc i'm an artist. and dickz r super fucking funny ok
  3. maybe boobz 2, i'm a feminist.
  4. i talk abt DRUGZ!!!!! (mostly just weed + my own prescriptionzz, but w/evr)
  5. sex jokez are rlly funny guyzz
  6. i'd be ok w/ a 13yo looking @ this site, but ur mom might not be, so, 17+ unless ur mom is cool. it'z just not my fault if you're under 17 and didn't ask ur mom. so pinkie promise u asked ur mom ok? i'm not a cop but it'd b nice if u did.

    if that changez i'll change the rating image & this page, but anything 'mature' not mentioned above should have a warning b4 it anywayz. i'm not putting porn on here tho. or like. realistic gore. if the blood isnt glitter itz lame.