herez slime i have & slime i want!!! XD

slimez i own will b described like how i perceive them irl, not how the seller does--it'z just my own sensory stuff!!

Da Slimez I Have!!

Pikachu Fizz

$14.99 - 5/5

crunchy snow fizz charm slime, smellz like lemon muffinz!! makez rlly good sizzly soundz. definitely NOT 4 sensitive handz, but i LOVE abrasive slimez so personally it waz gr8!!!


?? - 4.5/5

clear x icee x butter, becomes glossy-butter + slightly sandy X) smellz liek musk, latex, dollar bills, and a bit of apple!! only reason it iznt 5 is that it inflatez a TON, i had like a tbs that i couldnt fit back in at all--but, yknow, not 2 bad 2 have MORE than u paid for!

Yoshi Cubes

$14.49 - 5/5

jelly cube w/ charmz!!! rlly nice jelly texture, the cubez r great. the texture also stays rlly good if you crush up the cubez (which i love 2 do) so thats a big plus+++!!! also like gameboy + yoshi egg charmz go HARD.

Honey Jelly

$14.49 - 4/5

rlly thick jelly slime, allegedly smellz like honey but smellz more like hand soap in a public bathroom. texture + charmz r fun!!! rlly just took off 1 star bc the smell is. not good. not too bad but i dont like it

Speak of the Devil

?? - 4.5/5

jelly-ish clear w/ red fishbowl beads + lava rockz!!! rlly crunchy!!!! it'z rlly good i just dont like regular clear bases w/ crunch 2 much bc they get rlly bubbly rlly fast. if u dont mind clear bases this would prob be a 6/5 4 u!!